At Julia B., we design and produce some of the world’s finest and most exclusive products for the home, combining hand-crafted artisanry with our exclusive designs to deliver beautiful products all carefully made to our customers’ personal specifications. The Julia B. Signature collections now extend from beautiful handmade linens for the bedroom and dining room to vintage inspired plates, glassware and silverware along with fabulous gift, bridal and baby items.

Julia B. was conceived and launched in 2002 by founder and CEO Julia Berger. Julia was raised in both Tokyo and San Francisco by a Japanese mother and an American father. Julia’s extensive travels in Asia, the Americas as well as Europe continue to fuel her passion for fine, hand-made products which are the foundation of today’s extensive Julia B. Collections. The combination of Asian simplicity mixed with a European tradition of extraordinary craftsmanship have been brought to life by Julia with inventiveness, freshness and style.

In a world increasingly dominated by mass, machine-made products, Julia is committed to her mission to re-introduce the quality, craftsmanship and joy of truly hand designed and handmade artistry into her customers’ homes and daily lives.


Vintage linens and classic monograms have often served as a source of inspiration which guide our ever-evolving and expanding designs. Delicate hemstitching, raised-stitched monograming and white-on-white embroidery are all techniques that were routinely used for fine bedding, table and bath linens for centuries and which we have sought to re-establish in multiple forms and across multiple living spaces. We are proud of these efforts which combine the fine handwork of our one-of-a-kind custom products with new designs that extend across the dining table to include fabulous hand blown and cut crystal, beautiful hand painted ceramics as well as hand forged and etched silverware.


Combining the world’s finest materials with its most talented artisans is the foundation of the Julia B. offering. We select only the finest materials which are sourced from multi-generational, family-owned businesses from across the world. Our cotton percale and cotton piquet fabrics come to us from purveyors of the highest quality fabric in Italy; our linen fabrics are woven in Eastern Europe and Belgium; our cashmere is milled in Italy, and our embroidery and appliqué are crafted entirely by hand in Portugal, Vietnam and Madagascar, where the French legacy of craftsmanship has been passed down for generations, enabling us to produce what we believe is the finest quality handwork available in the world. The incredibly skilled artisans that produce our hand painted ceramics, hand blown and cut crystal and hand forged silverware all hail from Italy which to this day remains a major point of reference for the finest in handmade artistry.


The Julia B. Collections are designed to complement the style of any home from traditional to modern: our colors are classic, young, fresh and vibrant and our multiple monogram styles range from art-deco to contemporary. Combining one’s personal choices of color, fabric, texture and personalization with our handmade techniques, enables us to create unique and beautiful products for one’s family and home that should last for generations.


Ordering custom, handmade products starts with selecting the room(s), the colors and styles that you love the most. When it comes to linens, choosing from our broad selection of Julia B. Signature border styles, luxury fabrics, embroidery thread colors and exquisite monograms will enable you to create something that is both beautiful and personalized. For tableware, our Quattro Mani collection has been meticulously designed to coordinate and complement with our linens and monograms to create a complete yet interchangeable series of options, for the most formal to the lightest of occasions.

For those who seek something truly original and special, our Julia B. Couture Service may be just the ticket. We literally start with a blank canvas and together we analyze your design needs and dreams for whichever room(s) you wish to transform. Throughout the process, Julia B. works personally with you to design and create truly one of a kind product(s) each of which will be made to your personal specifications.


To date, Julia B. has developed over eighty styles of monograms with which to match and complement an incredibly vast array of personal tastes and styles. Should you choose to personalize your Julia B. product(s) in this manner, once your order is received, we will begin designing your custom monogram and a proof will be emailed to you within a few business days. Depending upon the complexity of your order, production and delivery of your handmade products is usually completed in no more than six to eight weeks and quite often less.

Julia B. prides itself on creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade products to be enjoyed for years to come. We look forward to assisting you as together we select and design these beautiful, unique products for your home!