As we approach the three year anniversary of living and working in Florence, we thought we should respond to the most frequent request we receive: "What's your favorite place to..?" With this very simple and personally developed guide, we hope to be of service to you as you plan and enjoy your next visit. We look forward to welcoming you in this breathtaking region and hopefully meeting in person at our beautiful and spacious showroom.


Bars & Restaurants

While the traditional, family-run trattorias create old favorites like "Bistecca alla fiorentina" and the Ribollita (bread-based soup with black cabbage and beans) two of the beating hearts of la cucina Fiorentina, there is so much more to choose from in this delicious and bountiful center of Italian cuisine. With a relentless ( and refreshing ) focus on letting the always fresh and local ingredients guide them, a new generation of taleneted young chefs are creating new and innovative recipes that have been passed down for countless generations.

There's never been a better time to dine out in Tuscany's capital.



The Place Firenze - Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 7

La Cantineta Antinori -  Piazza degli Antinori, 3

Buca Lapi - Via del Trebbio, 1r

Cibrèo Caffè at the Helvetia & Bristol - Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 5R

Il Procacci - Via de' Tornabuoni, 64R

Giardino 25 - Piazza della Signoria, 37r

La Terrazza Bar - Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 2r

Gucci Osteria - P.za della Signoria, 10

Il Santo Bevitore - Via Santo Spirito, 64

Villa San Michelle - Via Doccia, 4

Fuor D' Acqua - Via Pisana, 37r


There is so much to marvel at in Florence that it is extremely difficult to focus on only a few sites...Luckily, most of the places in our list are all within easily walkable distance. We recommend spending at least 3 full days in Florence to just begin to enjoy this jewel of a small city.



Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Piazza Della Signoria

Palazzo del Bargello

Basilica of the Holy Cross 

Galleria Degli Uffizi

Ponte Vecchio

Palazzo Strozzi

Medicean Chapels

Galleria dell' Academia

Pallazo Pitti

Museo dell' Opera del Duomo

Basilica San Miniato al Monte


It's the tucked-away, independent boutiques and ateliers where centuries-old artisan traditions continue to thrive that make the city's shopping environment so alluring... From magnificent bespoke shoes and tailored apparel to jewelry, leather items, artisan-made perfumes, and hand-bound books.

Happy Shopping!



  Home Interiors:

Julia B. Casa - Via Fossi 49r

Richard Ginori - Via dei Rondinelli, 17

Flair - Lungarno Corsini, 24r

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella - Via della Scala, 16


Gucci Garden - Piazza della Signoria, 10

Wong Valle -  Via delle Belle Donne, 16

Gerard - Via dei Sassetti, 13 rosso

Flow Store - Via dei Vecchietti, 22/R


Aspesi - Uomo: Via Porta Rossa, 51r & Donna: Via Porta Rossa, 81/R

Bernando - Via Porta Rossa, 87/red

Erredi Chiarini - Via Porta Rossa, 33/red

Liverano & Liverano - Via dei Fossi, 43


For a small city, Florence boasts an amazing selection of locations to lay your weary traveler head. These hotels will always strive to ensure that your 'indoor' experience may become as exciting and unforgettable as the adventurous 'outdoors'.

Whether you would like to be in the heart of Centro Storico, explore the uber-hip neighbourhoods, or overlook the city from the villa hotels perched on the hills, our small yet thoughtful selection of hotels has the best of all worlds while always encapsulates the inimitable Florentine chic.



The Place Firenze - Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 7

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze - Borgo Pinti, 99

Belmond Villa San Michele - Via Doccia, 4

Portrait Hotel Firenze - Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 4

Hotel Lungarno - Borgo San Jacopo, 14

Hotel Continentale - Vicolo dell'Oro, 6r

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