This exquisite new Quattro Mani tabletop collection represents the culmination of Julia B.’s vision to transform the dining room into a place of beauty and joy while introducing the enjoyment of combining multiple designs, patterns and monograms to truly personalize one’s home.

For Quattro Mani, Julia Berger – founder and CEO of Julia B., has drawn upon her rich cultural heritage as a Japanese born American citizen as well as part descendant of the Acoma Indian tribe of New Mexico. With this new collection, Julia has introduced a breadth and richness of design, color and texture which makes for a remarkable ensemble that will transform the dining room in ways rarely seen before. Vintage inspired yet infused with contemporary colors and patterns, the Quattro Mani collection also serves as a fabulous show piece for the finest in handmade artistry. While the designs are remarkable, perhaps equally impressive is the fact that to produce this collection Julia brought together three of the world’s leading producers of hand-designed plates, crystal ware and silverware to transform her vision into a breathtaking reality, all created and curated personally by Julia B.

“To realize a coordinated collection filled with such intense colors and patterns across four different media, requires production partners of the finest skill and dedication. We are extremely fortunate to have such talented family firms and artisans such as Laboratorio Paravicini, Moleria Locchi and Argenteria Pampaloni collaborating with us in this endeavor.” Berger explains.

The Quattro Mani series features four distinct lines, aptly named Como, Firenze, Roma and Venezia. Each of these four “Italian city” collections consists of hand embroidered and hand appliquéd linens, hand-designed dinner plates, bowls, salad and dessert plates, hand blown and cut crystal as well as hand-engraved silverware. Offered with each of the items is a Julia B. original monogram pattern, carefully crafted to complement the entire collection. Customers may choose to apply their personalized monogram across all four product categories (linens, plates, glassware and silverware) or pick and choose as their individual tastes lead them. As Julia explains, “Monograms were an integral part of design concept from the outset, and while each item is offered in both with and without monograms, the additional artistry and personalization is something I love to add to my dining table.” 

The inspiration for this new, limited edition, collection dates back over three decades to Julia’s great aunt who always use to say, “It takes at least four hands to set a table” while imploring multiple children, nieces and nephews to pitch in. Now thirty years later, Julia B. has used her design and artistic vision, as exemplified through her handmade table linens, to unite for the first time, with three leaders from the world of Italian fine artistry and in so doing, set a wonderful new table for us all. 

Setting Your Dining Table with Quattro Mani 

As Julia B. is quick to point out, “Enjoying the tradition and joys of making the family dining table a memorable and beautiful place does not mean that we need to be encumbered by the same old twelve identical plates, bowls and saucers that our parents and grandparents would haul out for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, only to have them all disappear until next year.” The spirit and intent of La Collezione a Quattro Mani is to bring color and variety into one’s dining room every day while allowing for multiple ways of expressing one’s tastes and preferences. Julia goes on to explain, “I love breaking the old rules, mixing and matching is not only allowed it’s fun and each piece of this new collection provides the collector the opportunity to choose from multiple patterns and designs, while further tying everything together through the beauty and personal touch of our Julia B. monograms.”

A Truly Limited Edition: With Only 499 Sets Available 

No more than 499 fortunate and fast-acting customers will have the opportunity to enjoy this 1 st edition of La Collezione a Quattro Mani. For those who miss out Julia B. has declared its intention for this to be an annual endeavor and next year will see a new 2018 Edition of Collezione A Quattro Mani come to life with new designs and new inspirations. Each customer will receive a beautiful hand signed (by Julia B. herself) certificate attesting to the limited-edition nature of La Collezione a Quattro Mani as well as its authenticity. Julia B. makes its products to order, meticulously managing the production process each step of the way. Perhaps most importantly, with human hands so central to everything it creates, it recognizes the need to respect that a minimum of time is simply necessary for all this fabulous handwork to come to life. It was for these reasons that Julia B. placed a global production and distribution limit on this collection in order to ensure that the need for absolute quality would also be aligned with its artisans’ needs and their personal availability.